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Delta Air Lines is the only major award-winning airline that counts award flights towards status, as well as one of the "big three" US airlines. Delta Air Lines is consistently recognised for its excellence in a variety of areas, including passenger experiences, customer service, operational performance, and workplace culture. Delta's top awards since 2012 are listed below. Delta Airline is a national airline of the United States, and it was founded 97 years ago on March 2, 1924. Despite being one of the world's oldest airlines, it continues to provide its passengers with the best services possible. SkyTeam Airlines was founded by Delta Air Lines. Moreover, the airline has an extensive range of domestic as well as international flights.

Fleets by Delta Airlines

  • Airbus fleets
  • Airbus A350
  • Airbus A220-100 (221)
  • Airbus 220- 300 (223)
  • Airbus A319-100 (319)
  • Airbus A320 -200 (320)

Baggage policy

Delta Air Lines passengers are allowed to carry one piece of checked baggage, one piece of carry-on baggage, and one personal item on board their flight.

Carry –on Baggage

Delta Airline's baggage policy permits you to carry one bag of 23 kilogrammes if you are travelling in economy class and one bag of 32 kilograms.


Checked Baggage Allowance will vary depending on the tickets purchased, but the baggage size should not exceed the maximum dimension of 157 cm (62 in) for all passengers. However, the checked baggage must not weigh more than 23 kg (51 lbs) for Basic Economy, Main Cabin, and Delta Comfort Zone passengers. Passengers "checked" in first class on Delta Premium Select and Delta One must weigh no more than 32 kg (70 lbs).

Economy Class

On Delta Air Lines flights, Economy Class varies depending on the type of seat you have purchased.

Services available in Economy Class

All the amenities are already included in a selection of snacks, such as chocolate, pretzels, and peanuts, and non-alcoholic beverages, such as tea, juice, and Starbucks coffee. On flights of less than 250 miles, alcoholic beverages are not served. On many flights, you can purchase Wi-Fi for a small fee, and you'll also get free access to in-flight messaging. Delta Studio is in range with a massive variety of shows, movies, and entertainment. A carry-on bag is allowed but may be checked at the boarding gate due to overhead locker space being limited.

Premium Economy Class

While boarding is underway on Delta Air Lines flights, Premium Economy is available in two fares: Main Cabin and Delta Comfort+. In the main cabin, passengers will receive a premium maintenance at a much lower price, such as entertainment, improved service

Business Class

On Delta Air Lines flights, Business Class passengers will serve the best in-flight experience with complete accomplishment like dinning entertaining services.

Business Class Facilities

The meals that passengers will receive on flight on offer on your Business Class flight are acquires by chefs so that you can enjoy a delicious meal up in the air. Passengers opt also from an excellent range of beers,. Business Class passengers with Delta Airline

In-flight services

From the passengers there is an excellent inflight servicesDelta Airlines offers the most cooperative in-flight services to its customers. With Delta's excellent in-flight entertainment system, you won't feel the time passing by during your journey. Choose from a range of TV shows, movies, songs, and interviews, then sit back and enjoy your flight. to make your journey more interesting. Although you will have full access to the internet while in flight, for further queries, please email us at