Terms and Conditions

1 Introductions

The terms and conditions of the website refer to the documents governing the contractual relationship between the service provider and the user. Although this website is only accessible to those over the age of 18, minors are not permitted to use it.

Hereby, the terms and conditions require some of the follow-ups that you are willing to know before utilizing them. Thus, it’s good for your sake as it was the main part of the website.

2 Intellectual Property

Regarding any other content that you have chosen to add to this website, you agree that faresairtravel.com and or its licensors own all rights to the intellectual property and material contained in this website, and that all such rights are reserved. You have been granted a limited license solemnly.

3 Restrictions

These are some of the restrictions that you probably have to follow while operating our website.

  • Posting any website material in any media
  • Publicly disclosing or showing any website material;
  • By opting for this website in any other way that impacts the user’s access to this website

4 What sort of content with provide?

On this website, we have discussed only the travel services and the information about the destination as well as the airline. Our website, faresairtravel.com, is only for commercial use and not for personal use. You can use this website for flight booking purposes only.

5 Limitations /Liability of use

You shall not in any way be associated with it or any of its officers, directors, or employees for any reason. Other parties are inadvertently connected to our website. So, you must initially make sure that all of the information you provide to fulfil the website's registration requirement is located at Faresairtravel.com. Faresairtravel.com is no longer liable if any loss of your data occurs.